Doing Things We "Shouldn't" - Part Two

Drawing on the Furniture!

For a while now I have been feeling inspired by this post on the wonderful "improvised life" blog.
One day I was scrabbling desparately for ideas for Ben's birthday. Hampered by both lack of time and lack of funds, I sat on the sofa hoping for inspiration. Then  my eyes rested on his ancient battered Ikea chair.
The chair has an off white cover and was looking very sorry for itself with a big black ink stain and other patches of grubbiness. Perfect!

I washed and dried it the night before his birthday and then, when he went off to work, we grabbed the fabric pens and set to work.

And here is the finished result. we covered it in a big sheet and a bow and unveiled it when Ben got home from work. He loved it. 
Needless to say Yeubi and Boo love it too.


Mambury said...

A personalised chair...what a wonderful idea!

BloggingMummy said...

Wow - gorgeous, beautiful and fun! What a fantastic idea - you are so creative!! (and I love that the black ink stain became a spider - brilliant!

Debs said...

A huge improvement! Gimme drawn-on-by-children instead of plain anyday. :D

Amma said...

Lovely - that's brilliant

Emma said...

That's a really great idea, I'd never have thought of that!

I'm new to blogging and I've just been tagged in a meme - if you fancy it I've tagged you over at mine.....

The Wonder Days said...

Hi Emma,
sorry to have missed this comment and your blog at the time.
It sounds like you are having a huge adventure.
Jo x

maryanne said...

What a beautiful chair you now have!

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